Organizational Structure


The PRCCDC is run as a team effort and, generally, by consensus. To get things done, it takes a village–and this is a diverse village with a multitude of talents.

Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky began this as an informal exercise; it has since grown into what it is today. She has since stepped down as director and has moved on to other things, but this idea for the region has flourished. The core team has not changed since then, and is now referred to as the Gold Team. It and the other teams are detailed below:

  • The Gold Team is the organizing team (Amelia Phillips, Corrinne Sande, Vincent Nestler, and Don McLane). The Gold Team are the hub that the other wheels grow out of as seen in Figure 1. They manage the budget, organize the event, and see to the grand scheme of things. If there is a complaint during the event that cannot be handled by the White Team, the Gold Team has final say.
  • The White Team is headed by Eric Garay and comprised of the first cohort of the applied bachelor’s students in cybersecurity and forensics from Highline College. They create and build the networks the competing students will have to defend. They are also the scorekeepers during the event. The other part of the White Team is volunteers, who serve as team judges for the event.
  • The Black Team is the infrastructural team and is headed by Kurt Giessel, CISO of Highline College. Along with Kurt, Mark Wynne, Kyle Evans, Kip Wanzer, and Justin Pedersen deal with the physical workstations and routers as well as the virtual and cloud environments of the competition. 


Figure 1 – PRCCDC Structure

  • The Red Team is composed of the hackers and penetration testers who keep the competitors jumping through hoops during the competition. They are headed by Chris Nickerson. The objective is not to disable the networks, but to set things up so as to create a learning environment for the students. 
  • The Green Team is for fundraising. Officially headed by Rod Stephenson of the Highline College Foundation, the foundation leads of other schools join in. 
  • The Blue Team is a team of Faculty Advisors that helps keep both new and seasoned faculty aware of the rules, how to train their students, and the available resources.
  • The Nutrition Team helps the Gold Team select the meals during the event so that students have energizing and nutritious food available.

Fundraising and planning for the event begins in October of the preceding year. The Gold Team holds weekly conference calls and invites members of the other teams as needed.


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